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Release date=2020; 1 hours 34 minutes; Takashi Shimizu; Star=Zoe Fish; ; Rating=4,2 / 10 Star. Isso aí é mais fake que a menstruação do Pablo Vitaar 😒. Level 1 Been thinking Emeralds a Branwen for so long I'm afraid to leave 60 points 28 days ago It will be interesting to see how CRWBY handles a pure shootout as a fight. Obviously the arena will provide some spectacle but neither fighter has been established as super skilled or super fast. Hell Watts hasn't been established as any actual fighting skills. Feels like, currently anyway, that if Ironwood can close the gap it's over. Though potentially Watts might be spiteful and just crash the arena killing them both and the project. level 2 Don't forget, Watts did throw his bag to the side at the start. I'd be willing to bet he has a nasty surprise in there level 2 Though potentially Watts might be spiteful and just crash the arena killing them both and the project. Sounds like another pyrrhic victory for me, but this time for the villains. it! Its just like Volume 3 again! level 1 Two of the coolest characters having a shootout in the goddamn Amity Arena. A good setting elevates a fight scene a lot and this just. God its so good level 2 I know it's not his style, but Ironwood should have shot him in the back as soon as the arena locked down. Drama is great and all, but announcing yourself as a trap springs is NEVER the correct play. level 1 Cant even win a non-canon fight 24 points 28 days ago ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE. level 1 Moustache vs Beard! which is the greater facial hair! level 2 We all know that the Beard is the manliest of all facial hair level 1 All Grimm are naked. Think about it. 15 points 28 days ago A good old fashion pistol duel like the gentlemen they are! level 2 But god told me guns are so uncivilized! level 1 As much as the fight feels one-sided the minute Ironwood can close the gap I get the feeling that Watts has a few more tricks up his sleeve. Plus we don't know either of these two's semblances, so the fight may be more equal than we would have thought at the start of the volume (even though almost no one saw this fight coming. Either way I just hope that Watts makes it out of this volume alive because he may be my second favourite villain now. level 2 I agree with it all except watts surviving. It would feel like the Ozpin side of the argument makes no progress if Watts and/or Tyrian doesn't die or at least become useless to Salem. level 1 The Death Battle I never knew I needed. level 1 I think we all know that the bag Watts dropped will be the twist to how he wins the battle. level 2 Still homing for "almost wins" here. level 1 Man, The Doctor really gave up on his no guns rule eh? level 1 I suddenly have a desire to see the Thirteenth Doctor drawn in RWBY's style.

Poll If you've seen the film, please rate it at this poll. If you haven't seen the film but would like to see the result of the poll click here. Rankings Click here to see rankings for 2020 films Click here to see rankings for every poll done Summary: It's January, it's the second remake of a sequel that's almost a decade old at this point, and it's the only new thing out this week. What do you want from me? Director: Nicolas Pesce Writers: screenplay by Nicolas Pesce story by Nicolas Pesce, Jeff Buhler based on the film 'Ju-On: The Grudge' by Takashi Shimizu Cast: Andrea Riseborough as Detective Muldoon Demián Bichir as Detective Goodman John Cho as Peter Spencer Betty Gilpin as Nina Spencer Lin Shaye as Faith Matheson Jacki Weaver as Lorna Moody Frankie Faison as William Matheson William Sadler as Detective Wilson Tara Westwood as Fiona Landers David Lawrence Brown as Sam Landers Zoe Fish as Melinda Landers Junko Bailey as Kayako Saeki Nancy Sorel as Agent Cole Stephanie Sy as Amnio Nurse Joel Marsh Garland as Detective Grecco Robin Ruel as Dr. Friedman Bradley Sawatzky as Officer Michaels Rotten Tomatoes: 19% Metacritic: 37/100 After Credits Scene? No.

O grito pintura. STREAM Blueray. O grito trailer 2020.

Who else are here from the new Grudge trailer?😁

12:50 i eat dirt. Drowned by the ocean. Level 1 This image is the furthest thing I envisioned from the grudge franchise. I mean, usually first images pay homage to the content and give you a taste. This is. I don't know what it is. level 2 Its clearly a ghost with a hard on. The Grudge Reborn: Boner City level 2 If it has a cross-promotional tie-in with Pantene, Im out, “Just because youre cursed doesnt mean your hair has to be. ”) level 2 what are you taking about? this is either a victim running from the grudge or the person turned into the grudge level 2 Two people fucking in a shower? level 1 Croakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! level 1 "The Eyes of My Mother" was a neat, little indie horror flick so I'm willing to give this the benefit of a doubt. level 1 First film was iconic (both the US and Japanese versions respectively) so this has a lot to live up to in terms of creativity. Hopefully they don't reuse the same references. I'd like them to do something new. level 1 This is like if they rebooted Transformers and the promotional photo was of a guy sitting on a toilet level 1 Well. that pic is. something. level 1 This image alone makes me pretty skeptical level 1 The Grudge (2004) is a reboot of Japanese movie Ju-on (2002) and now they are making a reboot of a reboot? 🤨 level 2 I don't know if the 2004 version is a reboot, it's more of an American adaptation. level 2 The Grudge is definitely a remake of 2002s Ju-on as pretty much everything but the ending is the same. level 1 I don't know what to expect from this still, but the shot composition and the use of shadows looks intriguing. Nicolas Pesce is also an interesting choice for director. level 1 It looks like a sex scene from a modern version of a 1940s hardboiled-detective kind of film. level 1 Ill be interested to see how this turn out. The Grudge was scary, but Ju-On was terrifying. I have seen a metric fuck load of horror movies and I dont know if a movie has ever stuck with me in a bad way as much as Ju-On. level 1 Ju-On and The Grudge were imo some of the best horror movies of the early 2000s. There doesnt need to be a reboot. If I remember correctly there was already a sequel to the Japanese original.

And if this ṡḥit makes money, we'll release: Hood Riding Red Little. Translate grito o algo. O grito 2020. Level 1 Thanks. Im now officially crying. 😂😂 DAM I hate those creepy films. I have a younger sister who used to put her hair over her face and make the grudge noises when I was about 12 and Im traumatised 😂 level 2 omg so sorry to hear that haha When my brother and I were kids, he did something wrong to me so I chased him around the house to get back at him. He hid in the closet and made the Kayako sound, then jumped out of the clothes with the Ju-On DVD with the ghost kid's face on the cover. I was traumatized, too. level 2 Damn, this is terrifying. level 1 Man if she got on all 4's and started crawling like I think she does in the movie I'd have thrown my phone out the window level 2 Bruh, if she got on all fours and started crawling towards me I would have thrown my fucking computer! level 2 You: walking in station Grudge girl: Crawls to you You: SHIT throws phone out window Grudge girl: retrieves it, puts it on floor, sits and starts panting level 1 Jesus Christ why am I deeply disturbed by this. level 2 My name is no My sign is no My number is no Kayako needs to let it go level 1 Wait til someone mods the lickers to have her model level 2 Oh fuck. Crawling Kayako. Replace the tongue with her hair to make it fit lol Or with Toshio haha the licker sounds could be modded to be cat meows. level 2 Yeah it's a mod lol the caption was just for fun XD But can you imagine if it was for real? Freaky lol level 1 Dude what the fuck man. Slam my dick in the door too why dont ya? I dont want sleep anyway. level 1 Terrifying the way she grows as she approaches you, too! level 2 That's what happens when objects get closer to you lmao Just messing with you. yeah the Ivy's are really tall haha level 1 5 points 25 days ago This is great I love the mod! And I just Noticed Claire's hair! I'm a noob to mods, sorry lol) level 2 Claire looks good with her hair down. level 1 as the former Super Best Friends Matt and Pat once said in their RE7 lets play. Kill my Self Become Ghost Fight Enemy Ghosts. level 2 That is the plot of a movie.

Not the worst remake but no one asked for it. Some jumps and scares but not worth it. And the timeline didn't add up with the settings. It was supposed to be 2004-2006 and the cars and house decorations/tv were from 1980. Wtf. O grito de um guerreiro by mc sapao. I love the grudge movies. R/PlexPosters is a subreddit built specifically to share customized movie, TV show, music, and collection posters for use in Plex, Emby, iTunes, Jellyfin and more. Finally a refreshed bumped up more disturbing version! Ill be there. O grito o filme. That mask looking like the turtle from kung fu panda. It would be scary as hell if you heard someone say I See You when your on the toilet.

To bathe in the fountain. Who is watching in 2018 like and comment😉. O grits for breakfast. O grito de socorro completo. O gritos.

Some reason watching this, made me feel like its a dark modern day version of red riding hood

Level 1 I heard this has nothing to do with Kayako and the original story, does anyone know anything about it? level 2 wait, what? That is a hard yikes. Certainly looks like they're going off on their own completely different direction. level 2 God I hope that's not the case. Is it even really a Grudge remake if the only similarities are "ghosts" and "cursed house. level 2 Man I hope not! Kayako is one of the most terrifying villains ever level 1 t look like The Grudge to me. Looks pretty lame. level 2 Haha, seriously. This must be total shit if it's coming out in FUCK YOU IT'S JANUARY. level 1 The Grudge, as in, another American remake of the OG Japanese film? level 1 Uhh not impressed, the old version was far creepier level 2 This looks unbelievably generic level 1 Look how they massacred my girl level 1 How many movies do you reckon have the "bang against the car window" jumpscare? level 1 I'm pretty excited for this. level 1 I love me some Andrea Riseborough (nothing hotter than her in Oblivion with that red hair) so I'll probably watch it just to see what she's done with herself (woman has a new look every week it seems) but this is going to suck because it can only a reboot or regurgitation as I call these.

You dont listen to Tool, you experience Tool.


Level 1 isnt this the dog lady from There's Something About Mary? also tongue lady from Kingpin also dogs ruined by Harry's driving lady from Dumb and Dumber level 2 Yeah, she shows up in a bunch of the Farrelly Brothers movies, she's also the school teacher in Nightmare on Elm Street (which was produced by her brother. level 2 Haha, I remember her. She was so disgusting that Woodys character had to puke more when she did the thing with her tongue level 2 Also the lady who fingered her brain to death in that haunted toad movie level 2 She's the sister of Bob Shaye who was head of New Line Cinema so she's in lots of New Line Cinema movies. level 1 Really like Lin Shaye. Not often do you see a 70+ year old woman be the lead in a successful horror franchise, even the the 4th one was kinda bad. Looking forward to this! level 2 She's fantastic, isn't she? Love her. level 2 Lin Shaye's a national treasure! level 2 Yes, she's lovely and very charismatic. Definitely a reason to give it a try. level 2 If you missed it, she starred in another horror/thriller movie called Room For Rent that was pretty entertaining. Came out in 2019. Didn't get the best ratings, but I enjoyed it. I watched it on Amazon, but I paid. Link to trailer below. level 2 She's always the women I love to hate in films. level 2 Comment deleted by user 4 months ago ( More than 1 child) level 1 Is this a remake of the 2004 remake with Sarah Michelle Geller? I thought that one was quite well done. level 2 It's not a remake. It takes place concurrently with that movie, about an incident in a small town in the US. level 1 Mention the goddamn director! Nicholas Pesce has directed two of the weirdest films in the last 10 years - The Eyes of My Mother and Piercing. Both are strange, hyper-violent, disturbing, and fascinating. He's doing his thing and I cannot wait to see this. I don't give a shit if Sam Raimi is producing, I'm excited because of Pesce. level 2 You should give a fuck about him producing because he most likely had a hand in picking the directors. level 2 Eyes of My Mother was a trip! Even more excited for this film now level 2 seriously, it's annoying when these post titles leave out the really interesting director attached, especially when he/she is usually the whole reason to keep an eye on the movie. News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Oh damnt I though this was the true trailer. Bruh, I just wanna watch the movie free. Yeah, if only curses existed in real life. There are a few on my list. That one emo girl from school. The netflx description page that came out n the 26th says that ‘Based on actual events, this Netflix Original drama is the latest installment in the classic Japanese horror franchise Ju-on. This time, a paranormal investigators data reveals an eerie connection between a string of horrifying incidents that occurred between 1958 and 1997: they all stemmed from the same house. Set over the course of 40 years, the series explores the nature of these incidents, building on the established premise of the Ju-on movies and cranking up the terror to new heights. Drawing from actual recorded cases in Japans recent past, it offers fresh scares unlike anything J-horror fans have witnessed before. Director Sho Miyakes Playback was officially entered into competition at the Locarno International Film Festival, while his recent And Your Bird Can Sing was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival, cementing his status as an emerging talent on the international entertainment scene. This series stays true to the core appeal of Japanese horror, while also delving deeper into the human drama beneath. Hope this ones actually scary. Been craving some good j-horror, and not a lot of good ones have come out recently.

O grioo.
Moral of the story: People might seem nice, but you dont know their deepest dark secrets...
O grito de guerra game.
Oh that looks interesting. And Sam raimi. Ok I'm hooked.

Level 1 Raimi is just a producer now I guess level 1 Oh god Im getting PTSD. I watched this when I was 8 or 9 and didnt sleep with a blanket for a month. level 2 Lol yeah I was too scared to watch it back TRAILER scared me into not closing my eyes in the shower for at least a decade 😂 level 2 Same. Im 27 fucking years old and I can't sleep with a closet door open. that fucking noise still triggers me. lol. Saw it at 9 or so too. whenever it came out. The ring fucked me up too, but its such a good movie on its own the PTSD has waned. But the grudge left scars. Excited to retrigger myself in january, lets do this! level 2 Did you see the US or Japanese version? level 2 i made my grandparents take me to see this when i was a kid and they fell asleep while i sat there fucking TERRIFIED level 2 Heh, I was traumatised for life by The Ring (US version is more scary IMHO, but maybe only because I watched it first) so The Grudge was a walk in the park. That Grudge sound still plays in my head though whenever I think of it. level 2 Im terrified of that croaking screech and dimly lit spiral staircases bc of this level 2 Ive never seen it, but I have heard it. A bunch of friends wanted to watch it one day and I really didnt want to, so I sat with my back to the TV and watched them watch it. That was a hilarious experience. level 2 Dude same, I was 6 and on holiday without my mum when I saw one of the grudge movies with my step sister at like 11pm. Had nightmares for like 3 weeks level 2 OH my God I thought I was the only one that was traumatized by this movie. I was 8 or 9 as well, and to this day, I can never look under my comforter while I'm in bed level 2 I was good with 90% of the movie but the moment she jumped out of the TV screen, my girlfriend had to brace me from jumping out of my chair.

———————————————————————. Round one (one episode) Probably some kind of obscure rune or glyph since they fought something similar to Pennywise, Sam would be scared shitless (Cas can't kill it but can heal the boys. Round two (one episode) Probably a katana blessed by a Shinto priest may have to be drunk, yes I know different Ghost but going out on a limb here in saying same method. Round 3 (two episodes) 40mm grenade launcher from the trunk of baby or Cas smites it with holy light. Round 4 same as round two. Round 5 (one episode. Cas locates Chucky and holds him still. Chucky can't kill Cas, Cas can't kill Chucky, so Some kind of Voodoo ritual, or a nice jug of flaming holy oil is needed, my personal favourite though if possible. Locking his arse in a warded (warded both inside and out) iron safe then put in a hole in a national forest then pour cement over the hole and cover with dirt.

Dr.octopus vs T-3000. I am once again asking you to find a comfortable space, that's not only comfortable, but vulnerable, and to just shut your eyes and go there, and we'll meet you on the other side. Vin diesel's voice sounds like diesel. O grito do bts. This dude really covering the American Grudge movies lol. I hate when horror movies makes you terrified to even turn the lights on after 7:50 I just was paralyzed lol. O grito do tarzan. O grito. O gratos. I like horror movies (even some bad ones) but this reboot is horrible in every single way.
The story and the characters are uninteresting, there's no tension, the jump scares don't make you jump and the ghosts are so generic. The remake of 2004 is a masterpiece compared with this one.
The trailer sells an awesome and twisted film, however The Grudge is just more of the same, but a thousand times worse than the typical bad supernatural flicks.

O grito letra. O grito 2004 tvrip.


Level 1 I wonder if Frozen 2 will pull ahead of the Grudge this weekend, with the Grudge possible collapsing today and tomorrow with Frozen 2 surging (last two days of the weekend for families before school is back in session. level 2 I'm gonna be pissed if Frozen 2 doesn't reach 450m by 15k. level 1 Would Jumanji overtake RoS next weekend? level 2 Its like history repeats itself... The Last Jedi against Jumanji a couple years ago... level 1 It suddenly occurred to me that Paramount has nothing in the top 10. My how they've fallen. level 2 Ironically Paramount means powerful. Maybe they should change names. level 2 Their last film was Playing With Fire, which released back in early November. They sat out of this holiday season. Their next film, Like A Boss, will come out next week. level 1 I'm kinda disappointed with TROS's run so far. I was expecting to see the train wreck everyone was announcing, but instead it just had a relatively low OW with average-to-meh drops and a very predictable 50% DOM/50% OS. In the end, the movie will crawl its way past a billion and it will go away without much fanfare nor outrage. Even for a disappointment it's turning out to be a very dull disappointment. level 2 I guess it subverted our expectations! level 2 Just like how you will describe the film, it is just an “okay” disappointment. level 2 IMO 1. 345B - 1. 40B would've been a VERY dull outcome. Just picture yourself in a timeline where TROS just barely beats TLJ. That'd straight up have been the dullest and the most boring performance of all time. This is, however, a whole 300M below that dull range. It's a really awful result. level 2 A 300 million drop is absolutely a train wreck. Don't let people like /u/ricdesi gaslight you into thinking otherwise. level 2 Which, depressingly, certain folks are still pushing as being a colossal, earthshaking collapse despite it just being a sort of general disappointment. level 2 The Joker memes are just waiting, still. level 2 At least it was a good movie level 1 Wow Jumanji, really holding well - going to be taking the number 1 spot next weekend at this rate level 2 Someone is underestimating the genius that might be LIKE A BOSS next weekend.

O grito da galera. O grito playback. This is not horror, it is listed as drama.


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